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Who is eligible to participate?

Adult children of participants in the Beaver Dam Eye Study and Epidemiology of Hearing Loss Study may participate in the Beaver Dam Offspring Study.

    What does participation involve?
      The comprehensive examination will include the following:

Testing your:

sense of smell

Assessing your cardiovascular health with:

blood pressure measures
carotid artery ultrasound scan

Collecting blood samples for:

diabetes assessment
future testing


The ten year follow-up exam takes approximately 2.5 hours to complete. For this study phase, we are not dilating eyes and we do not require fasting for the blood draw.

We have exams available most weekdays and occasional Saturdays. We offer morning, afternoon, and evening time slots.

You will receive a written report with your study results approximately five weeks after your exam. We will personally make you aware of any clinically significant findings from the evaluations.




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