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2024 Updates

  • BOSS-NCAS: The Beaver Dam Offspring Study-Neurocognitive Aging Study staff have started reaching out to the first groups of participants to invite them for the 18-year follow up examinations. Examinations will be scheduled through the end of 2025.

2023 Updates

  • BOSS-NCAS: 18-year follow-up examination phase is schedule to begin 2024.
  • Dr. Merten and the Study Team are preparing the next examination phase of the study.

2022 Updates

  • Dr. Natascha Merten Appointed to Assistant Professor in the Department of Population Health Sciences
  • Dr. Natascha Merten, has secured new funding by the National Institute on Aging to conduct an 18-year follow-up examination on past BOSS participants. This Study will be called the Beaver Dam Offspring Study-Neurocognitive Aging Study (BOSS-NCAS).
  • Dr. Natascha Merten, PhD, MS, takes on leadership of the EpiSense Study Team, with Dr. Cruickshanks the previous principle investigator on the BOSS and EHLS retiring.

2021 Updates

  • BOSS: The 10-year follow-up examination phase concluded in September 2017.
  • EHLS: The 21-year follow-up examination phase concluded in 2016.
  • The researchers are currently analyzing the data that were collected in both the EHLS and BOSS and publishing the findings.
    • A study funded in late 2020 by the National Institute of Aging, is using previously collected BOSS data to determine if  sensory and motor changes are good markers of pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Grant applications to re-examine the BOSS participants are in preparation.